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Details12005Abdallah, Samer A. ; Noland, Katy ; Sandler, Mark ; Casey, Michael ; Rhodes, ChristopheTheory and Evaluation of a Bayesian Music Structure ExtractorPOS 
Details22004Abdallah, Samer A. ; Plumbley, Mark D.Polyphonic transcription by non-negative sparse coding of power spectraPAP 
Details11092011Abdoli, SajjadIranian Traditional Music Dastgah ClassificationPAP275-280
Details9422010Abeßer, Jakob ; Bräuer, Paul ; Lukashevich, Hanna ; Schuller, GeraldBass Playing Style Detection Based on High-level Features and Pattern SimilarityPAP93-98
Details10982011Abeßer, Jakob ; Lartillot, OlivierModelling Musical Attributes to Characterize Two-Track Recordings with Bass and DrumsPAP209-214
Details8442009Abeßer, Jakob ; Lukashevich, Hanna ; Dittmar, Christian ; Schuller, GeraldGenre Classification Using Bass-Related High-Level Features and Playing StylesPOS453-458
Details42004Adams, Norman H. ; Bartsch, Mark A. ; Shifrin, Jonah B. ; Wakefield, Gregory H.Time Series Alignment for Music Information RetrievalPAP 
Details32005Adams, Norman H. ; Marquez, Daniela ; Wakefield, Gregory H.Iterative Deepening for Melody Alignment and RetrievalPAP199-206
Details4992007Ahmaniemi, TeemuInfluence of Tempo and Subjective Rating of Music in Step Frequency of RunningPOS183-184
Details9562010Ahonen, Teppo E.Combining Chroma Features For Cover Version IdentificationPAP165-170
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