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Details6512003Selfridge-Field, Eleanor ; Sapp, Craig StuartSound, Symbol, and Idea: Three Approaches to Music QueryTUT 
Details6392001Spevak, Christian ; Polfreman, RichardSound Spotting - a Frame-Based ApproachPOS35-36
Details6532004Amatriain, Xavier ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeSoftware Frameworks for Analysis of Audio and Music SignalsTUT 
Details12042012Principe, Jos√© CarlosSelf-Organized Computational Perception in the Time Frequency DomainsINV 
Details12022012Plumbley, Mark D. ; Dixon, Simon ; Cannam, ChrisReusable software and reproducibility in music informatics researchTUT 
Details6342001Politis, D. ; Linardis, P. ; Kotopoulos, H. ; Alygiazakis, A.Musical Information Retrieval for Delta and Neumatic SystemsPOS23-24
Details6572005Pampalk, Elias ; Baumann, StephanMusic Similarity and Visualization for Music IRTUT 
Details6592007Celma, √íscar ; Lamere, PaulMusic RecommendationTUT 
Details6502003Chen, Arbee L. P.Music IR 201: Music Retrieval and AnalysisTUT 
Details6482003Futrelle, Joe ; Downie, J. StephenMusic IR 101: A Survey TutorialTUT 
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