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Details12422012Boulanger-Lewandowski, Nicolas ; Bengio, Yoshua ; Vincent, PascalDiscriminative Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Multiple Pitch EstimationPAP205-210
Details11302011Bragg, Jonathan ; Chew, Elaine ; Shieber, StuartNeo-Riemannian Cycle Detection with Weighted Finite-State TransducersPAP399-404
Details392005Bray, Stuart ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeDistributed Audio Feature Extraction for MusicPOS 
Details4272005Bray, Stuart ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeDistributed Audio Feature Extraction for MusicPAP434-437
Details7732009Bretherton, David ; Smith, Daniel Alexander ; schraefel, mc ; Polfreman, Richard ; Everist, Mark ; Brooks, Jeanice ; Lambert, JoeIntegrating Musicology's Heterogeneous Data Sources for Better ExplorationPAP27-32
Details402004Brossier, Paul M. ; Bello, Juan Pablo ; Plumbley, Mark D.Fast labelling of notes in music signalsPAP 
Details412006Bruderer, Michael J. ; McKinney, Martin F. ; Kohlrausch, ArminPerception of Structure in Popular MusicPAP 
Details11182011Bryan, Nicholas J. ; Wang, GeMusical Influence Network Analysis and Rank of Sample-based MusicPAP329-334
Details11312011Bugge, Esben Paul ; Juncher, Kim Lundsteen ; Mathiasen, Brian Soeborg ; Simonsen, Jakob GrueUsing Sequence Alignment and Voting to Improve Optical Music Recognition from Multiple RecognizersPAP405-410
Details7272008Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Devaney, Johanna ; Pugin, Laurent ; Fujinaga, IchiroEnhanced Bleedthrough Correction for Early Music Documents With Recto-Verso RegistrationPAP407-412
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