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Details12192012Sprechmann, Pablo ; Bronstein, Alex ; Sapiro, GuillermoReal-time Online Singing Voice Separation from Monaural Recordings Using Robust Low-rank ModelingPOS67-72
Details12182012İzmirli, Özgür ; Sharma, GyanendraBridging Printed Music and Audio Through Alignment Using a Mid-level Score RepresentationPOS61-66
Details12172012Grosche, Peter ; Serrà, Joan ; Müller, Meinard ; Arcos, Josep LluisStructure-Based Audio Fingerprinting for Music RetrievalPOS55-60
Details12162012Böck, Sebastian ; Krebs, Florian ; Schedl, MarkusEvaluating the Online Capabilities of Onset Detection MethodsPOS49-54
Details12152012Ünal, Erdem ; Bozkurt, Barış ; Karaosmanoğlu, Mustafa KemalN-gram Based Statistical Makam Detection on Makam Music in Turkey Using Symbolic DataPOS43-48
Details12142012Battenberg, Eric ; Wessel, DavidAnalyzing Drum Patterns Using Conditional Deep Belief NetworksPOS37-42
Details12132012Watson, Diane ; Mandryk, Regan L.Modeling Musical Mood From Audio Features and Listening Context on an In-Situ Data SetPOS31-36
Details12122012Peeters, Geoffroy ; Fort, KarenTowards a (Better) Definition of the Description of Annotated MIR CorporaPOS25-30
Details12112012Yang, Yi-Hsuan ; Hu, XiaoCross-cultural Music Mood Classification: A Comparison on English and Chinese SongsPAP19-24
Details12102012Özaslan, Tan Hakan ; Serra, Xavier ; Arcos, Josep LluisCharacterization of Embellishments in Ney Performances of Makam Music in TurkeyPAP13-18
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