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Details4712003Wang, AveryAn Industrial Strength Audio Search AlgorithmINV7-13
Details6232001Cope, DavidComputer Analysis of Musical AllusionsINV83-84
Details6612008Bamberger, JeanneHuman Music Retrieval: Noting TimeINV21
Details6622008Tymoczko, DmitriThe Geometry of ConsonanceINV22
Details7722009Downie, J. Stephen ; Byrd, Donald ; Crawford, TimTen Years of ISMIR: Reflections on Challenges and OpportunitiesINV13-18
Details10302010Krumhansl, Carol L.Music and Cognition: Links at Many LevelsINV1-1
Details12072012Jones, Gareth[Evaluation initiatives in MIR]INV 
Details12052012de Rijke, MaartenMining LivesINV 
Details12062012Bigand, EmmanuelCognitive stimulation with music and new technologiesINV 
Details12042012Principe, José CarlosSelf-Organized Computational Perception in the Time Frequency DomainsINV 
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