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Details1722002Heittola, Toni ; Klapuri, AnssiLocating Segments with Drums in Music SignalsPOS271-272
Details1742003Heo, Sung-Phil ; Suzuki, Motoyuki ; Ito, Akinori ; Makino, ShozoThree-dimensional continuous DP algorithm for multiple pitch candidates in a music information retrieval systemPOS 
Details1772005Heydarian, Peyman ; Reiss, Joshua D.The Persian Music and the Santur InstrumentPOS 
Details1792004Hirst, DavidAn Analytical Methodology for Acousmatic MusicPOS 
Details1852005Homburg, Helge ; Mierswa, Ingo ; Möller, Bülent ; Morik, Katharina ; Wurst, MichaelA Benchmark Dataset for Audio Classification and ClusteringPOS 
Details1872005Hosoya, Toru ; Suzuki, Motoyuki ; Ito, Akinori ; Makino, ShozoLyrics Recognition from a Singing Voice Based on Finite State Automaton for Music Information RetrievalPOS 
Details1882004Hsu, Jia-Lien ; Chen, Arbee L. P. ; Chen, Hung-ChenFinding Approximate Repeating Patterns from Sequence DataPOS 
Details1912005Hu, Xiao ; Downie, J. Stephen ; West, Kris ; Ehmann, Andreas F.Mining Music Reviews: Promising Preliminary ResultsPOS 
Details1952000Itoh, MariSubject Search for Music: Quantitative Analysis of Access Point SelectionPOS2p.
Details1982000İzmirli, ÖzgürUsing a Spectral Flatness Based Feature for Audio Segmentation and Retrieval POS2p.
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