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Details10992011Müller, Meinard ; Ewert, SebastianChroma Toolbox: Matlab Implementations for Extracting Variants of Chroma-based Audio FeaturesPAP215-220
Details11002011Chuan, Ching-HuaA Comparison of Statistical and Rule-based Models for Style-Specific HarmonizationPAP221-226
Details11012011Joo, Sihyun ; Park, Sanghun ; Jo, Seokhwan ; Yoo, Chang D.Melody Extraction Based on Harmonic Coded StructurePAP227-232
Details11022011Mauch, Matthias ; Fujihara, Hiromasa ; Yoshii, Kazuyoshi ; Goto, MasatakaTimbre and Melody Features for the Recognition of Vocal Activity and Instrumental Solos in Polyphonic MusicPAP233-238
Details11032011Fuhrmann, Ferdinand ; Herrera, PerfectoQuantifying the Relevance of Locally Extracted Information for Musical Instrument Recognition from Entire Pieces of MusicPAP239-244
Details11042011Ewert, Sebastian ; Müller, MeinardScore-Informed Voice Separation for Piano RecordingsPAP245-250
Details11052011Thoshkahna, Balaji ; Ramakrishnan, Kalpathi R.A Postprocessing Technique for Improved Harmonic/Percussion Separation for Polyphonic MusicPAP251-256
Details11062011Tjoa, Steven K. ; Liu, K. J. RayFactorization of Overlapping Harmonic Sounds Using Approximate Matching PursuitPAP257-262
Details11072011Koduri, Gopala K. ; Miron, Marius ; Serrà, Joan ; Serra, XavierComputational Approaches for the Understanding of Melody in Carnatic MusicPAP263-268
Details11082011Sentürk, Sertan ; Chordia, ParagModeling Melodic Improvisation in Turkish Folk Music Using Variable-Length Markov ModelsPAP269-274
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