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Details8892009Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Ouyang, Yue ; Himmelman, Tristan ; Devaney, Johanna ; Pugin, Laurent ; Fujinaga, IchiroLyric Extraction and Recognition on Digital Images of Early Music SourcesPAP723-727
Details5622007Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Pugin, Laurent ; Eustace, Greg ; Fujinaga, IchiroA Comparative Survey of Image Binarisation Algorithms for Optical Recognition on Degraded Musical SourcesPAP509-512
Details5632007Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Pugin, Laurent ; Kereliuk, Corey ; Fujinaga, IchiroA Cross-Validated Study of Modelling Strategies for Automatic Chord Recognition in AudioPAP251-254
Details422005Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Saul, Lawrence K.Learning Harmonic Relationships in Digital Audio with Dirichlet-Based Hidden Markov ModelsPOS 
Details11692011Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Wild, Jonathan ; Fujinaga, IchiroAn Expert Ground-Truth Set for Audio Chord Recognition and Music AnalysisPAP633-638
Details12282012Burlet, Gregory ; Porter, Alastair ; Hankinson, Andrew ; Fujinaga, IchiroNeon.js: Neume Editor OnlinePOS121-126
Details7302008Burred, Juan José ; Carmine-Cella, Emanuele ; Peeters, Geoffroy ; Roebel, Axel ; Schwarz, DiemoUsing the Sdif Sound Description Interchange Format for Audio FeaturesPAP427-432
Details6052007Burred, Juan José ; Sikora, ThomasMonaural Source Separation from Musical Mixtures Based on Time-Frequency Timbre ModelsPOS149-152
Details432006Byrd, Donald ; Schindele, MeganProspects for Improving OMR with Multiple RecognizersPAP 
Details442005Cabral, Giordano ; Pachet, François ; Briot, Jean-PierreAutomatic X Traditional Descriptor Extraction: the Case of Chord RecognitionPOS 
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