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Details12522012Cabredo, Rafael ; Legaspi, Roberto ; Inventado, Paul Salvador ; Numao, MasayukiAn Emotion Model for Music Using Brain WavesPOS265-270
Details11892011Cabredo, Rafael ; Legaspi, Roberto ; Numao, MasayukiIdentifying Emotion Segments in Music by Discovering Motifs in Physiological DataPAP753-758
Details452006Cahill, Margaret ; Ó Maidín, Donncha S.Assessing the Performance of Melodic Similarity Algorithms Using Human Judgments of SimilarityPOS 
Details462005Cahill, Margaret ; Ó Maidín, Donncha S.Melodic Similarity Algorithms -- Using Similarity Ratings for Development and Early EvaluationPOS 
Details7472008Camacho, ArturoDetection of Pitched/Unpitched Sound Using Pitch Strength ClusteringPAP533-537
Details472005Cambouropoulos, Emilios ; Crochemore, Maxime ; Iliopoulos, Costas S. ; Mohamed, Manal ; Sagot, Marie-FranceA Pattern Extraction Algorithm for Abstract Melodic Representations that Allow Partial Overlapping of Intervallic CategoriesPAP167-174
Details8202009Cancela, Pablo ; Rocamora, Martín ; López, ErnestoAn Efficient Multi-Resolution Spectral Transform for Music AnalysisPOS309-314
Details482006Cannam, Chris ; Landone, Christian ; Sandler, Mark ; Bello, Juan PabloThe Sonic Visualizer: A Visualization Platform for Semantic Descriptors from DEM 
Details502002Cano, Pedro ; Kaltenbrunner, Martin ; Gouyon, Fabien ; Batlle, EloiOn the Use of FastMap for Audio Retrieval and BrowsingPOS275-276
Details6262001Cano, Pedro ; Kaltenbrunner, Martin ; Mayor, Oscar ; Batlle, EloiStatistical Significance in Song-Spotting in AudioPOS3-4
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