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Details3502002Pauws, Steffen ; Eggen, BerryPATS: Realization and User Evaluation of an Automatic Playlist GeneratorPAP222-230
Details3562002Peeters, Geoffroy ; La Burthe, Amaury ; Rodet, XavierToward Automatic Music Audio Summary Generation from Signal AnalysisPAP94-100
Details3612002Pickens, Jeremy ; Bello, Juan Pablo ; Monti, Giuliano ; Crawford, Tim ; Dovey, Matthew J. ; Sandler, Mark ; Byrd, DonaldPolyphonic Score Retrieval Using Polyphonic Audio Queries: A Harmonic Modeling ApproachPAP140-149
Details3622002Pienimäki, AnnaIndexing Music Databases Using Automatic Extraction of Frequent PhrasesPAP25-30
Details3702002Pollastri, EmanueleSome Considerations About Processing Singing Voice for Music RetrievalPOS285-286
Details3742002Raphael, ChristopherAutomatic Transcription of Piano MusicPAP15-19
Details3792002Rauber, Andreas ; Pampalk, Elias ; Merkl, DieterUsing Psycho-Acoustic Models and Self-Organizing Maps to Create a Hierarchical Structuring of Music by Musical StylesPAP71-80
Details4022002Schreier, EricAbout this Business of MetadataINV252-254
Details4212002Song, Jungmin ; Bae, So Young ; Yoon, KyoungroMid-Level Music Melody Representation of Polyphonic Audio for Query-by-Humming SystemPAP133-139
Details4222002Sorsa, Timo ; Halonen, KatriinaMobile Melody Recognition System with Voice-Only User InterfacePOS279-280
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