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Details10662010Wang, Chung-Che ; Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger ; Wang, WennenAn Improved Query by Singing / Humming System Using Melody and Lyrics InformationPAP45-50
Details9362010Wang, Dingding ; Li, Tao ; Ogihara, MitsunoriAre Tags Better Than Audio? The Effect of Joint Use of Tags and Audio Content Features for Artistic Style ClusteringPAP57-62
Details11362011Wang, Dingding ; Ogihara, MitsunoriPotential Relationship Discovery in Tag-Aware Music Style Clustering and Artist Social NetworksPAP435-440
Details8292009Wang, Fei ; Wang, Xin ; Shao, Bo ; Li, Tao ; Ogihara, MitsunoriTag Integrated Multi-Label Music Style Classification with HypergraphPAP363-368
Details6632008Wang, Ge ; Fiebrink, Rebecca ; Cook, PerryMusic Information Retrieval in ChucK; Real-Time Prototyping for MIR Systems & PerformanceTUT23
Details10772011Wang, Ju-Chiang ; Lee, Hung-Shin ; Wang, Hsin-Min ; Jeng, Shyh-KangLearning the Similarity of Audio Music in Bag-of-Frames Representation from Tagged Music DataPAP85-90
Details9982010Wang, Jun ; Chen, Xiaoou ; Hu, Yajie ; Feng, TaoPredicting High-level Music Semantics Using Social Tags via Ontology-based ReasoningPAP405-410
Details11912011Wang, Xing ; Chen, Xiaoou ; Yang, Deshun ; Wu, YuqianMusic Emotion Classification of Chinese Songs Based on Lyrics Using TF*IDF and RhymePAP765-770
Details12132012Watson, Diane ; Mandryk, Regan L.Modeling Musical Mood From Audio Features and Listening Context on an In-Situ Data SetPOS31-36
Details5332007Wei, Bin ; Zhang, Chengliang ; Ogihara, MitsunoriKeyword Generation for LyricsPOS121-122
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