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Details12492012Chuan, Ching-Hua ; Chew, ElaineCreating Ground Truth for Audio Key Finding: When the Title Key May Not Be the KeyPOS247-252
Details12502012Lee, Jin Ha ; Maiman Waterman, NicholeUnderstanding User Requirements for Music Information ServicesPOS253-258
Details12512012Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Bainbridge, David ; Downie, J. StephenThe Impact of MIREX on Scholarly Research (2005 POS259-264
Details12522012Cabredo, Rafael ; Legaspi, Roberto ; Inventado, Paul Salvador ; Numao, MasayukiAn Emotion Model for Music Using Brain WavesPOS265-270
Details12532012Panagakis, Yannis ; Kotropoulos, ConstantineMusic Structure Analysis by Ridge Regression of Beat-synchronous Audio FeaturesPOS271-276
Details12542012Joder, Cyril ; Schuller, BjörnScore-Informed Leading Voice Separation from Monaural AudioPOS277-282
Details12552012Sioros, George ; Holzapfel, André ; Guedes, CarlosOn Measuring Syncopation to Drive an Interactive Music SystemPOS283-288
Details12562012Salamon, Justin ; Urbano, JuliánCurrent Challenges in the Evaluation of Predominant Melody Extraction AlgorithmsPOS289-294
Details12572012De Haas, W. Bas ; Magalhães, José Pedro ; Wiering, FransImproving Audio Chord Transcription by Exploiting Harmonic and Metric KnowledgePOS295-300
Details12582012Gkiokas, Aggelos ; Katsouros, Vassilis ; Carayannis, GeorgeReducing Tempo Octave Errors by Periodicity Vector Coding And SVM LearningPOS301-306
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