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Details11192011Weigl, David M. ; Guastavino, CatherineUser Studies in the Music Information Retrieval LiteraturePAP335-340
Details8692009Weil, Jan ; Sikora, Thomas ; Durrieu, Jean-Louis ; Richard, GaëlAutomatic Generation of Lead Sheets from Polyphonic Music SignalsPOS603-608
Details9482010Weiss, Ron J. ; Bello, Juan PabloIdentifying Repeated Patterns in Music Using Sparse Convolutive Non-negative Matrix FactorizationPAP123-128
Details10692011Weninger, Felix ; Wöllmer, Martin ; Schuller, BjörnAutomatic Assessment of Singer Traits in Popular Music: Gender, Age, Height and RacePAP37-42
Details4732005West, Kris ; Cox, StephenFinding An Optimal Segmentation for Audio Genre ClassificationPOS 
Details4742004West, Kris ; Cox, StephenFeatures and classifiers for the automatic classification of musical audio signalsPAP 
Details4752004Weyde, TillmanThe Influence of Pitch on Melodic SegmentationPOS 
Details4762005Weyde, Tillman ; Datzko, ChristianEfficient Melody Retrieval with Motif Contour ClassesPOS 
Details5272007Weyde, Tillman ; Wissmann, Jens ; Neubarth, KerstinAn Experiment on the Role of Pitch Intervals in Melodic SegmentationPOS287-288
Details13132012Weyde, Tillman ; Wolff, DanielInfrastructures and Interfaces for data collection in MIRDEM 
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