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Details12592012Kameoka, Hirokazu ; Ochiai, Kazuki ; Nakano, Masahiro ; Tsuchiya, Masato ; Sagayama, ShigekiContext-free 2D Tree Structure Model of Musical Notes for Bayesian Modeling of Polyphonic SpectrogramsPOS307-312
Details12602012Nieto, Oriol ; Humphrey, Eric J. ; Bello, Juan PabloCompressing Music Recordings into Audio SummariesPOS313-318
Details12612012Bay, Mert ; Ehmann, Andreas F. ; Beauchamp, James W. ; Smaragdis, Paris ; Downie, J. StephenSecond Fiddle is Important Too: Pitch Tracking Individual Voices in Polyphonic MusicPOS319-324
Details12622012Schmidt, Erik M. ; Scott, Jeffrey ; Kim, Youngmoo E.Feature Learning in Dynamic Environments: Modeling the Acoustic Structure of Musical EmotionPOS325-330
Details12632012Hu, Xiao ; Kando, NorikoUser-centered Measures vs. System Effectiveness in Finding Similar SongsPOS331-336
Details12642012Mayer, Rudolf ; Rauber, AndreasTowards Time-resilient MIR ProcessesPOS337-342
Details12652012McFee, Brian ; Lanckriet, GertHypergraph Models of Playlist DialectsPAP343-348
Details12662012Moore, Joshua L. ; Chen, Shuo ; Joachims, Thorsten ; Turnbull, DouglasLearning to Embed Songs and Tags for Playlist PredictionPAP349-354
Details12672012Sordo, Mohamed ; SerrĂ , Joan ; Koduri, Gopala K. ; Serra, XavierExtracting Semantic Information from an Online Carnatic Music ForumPAP355-360
Details12682012Macrae, Robert ; Dixon, SimonRanking Lyrics for Online SearchPAP361-366
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