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Details6332001Nam, Unjung ; Berger, JonathanAddressing the "Same but different - different but similar" problem in automatic music classificationPOS21-22
Details2652001Lindsay, Adam ; Kim, Youngmoo E.Adventures in Standardization, or, How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love MPEG-7INV195-196
Details3692001Haus, Goffredo ; Pollastri, EmanueleAn Audio Front End for Query-by-Humming SystemsPAP65-72
Details592006Cemgil, A. TaylanBayesian Methods for Music Signal AnalysisTUT 
Details232002Barlas, ChrisBeating Babel - Identification, Metadata and RightsINV 
Details632001Hsu, Jia-Lien ; Chen, Arbee L. P.Building a Platform for Performance Study of Various Music Information Retrieval ApproachesPAP153-162
Details3282003Olson, Tod A.Building Chopin Early Editions [PresentationINV 
Details12062012Bigand, EmmanuelCognitive stimulation with music and new technologiesINV 
Details772001Cope, DavidComputer Analysis of Musical AllusionsINV 
Details6232001Cope, DavidComputer Analysis of Musical AllusionsINV83-84
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