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Details5042007Moreau, Arnaud ; Flexer, ArthurDrum Transcription in Polyphonic Music Using Non-Negative Matrix FactorisationPOS353-354
Details5082007Al Kasimi, Alia ; Nichols, Eric ; Raphael, ChristopherA Simple Algorithm for Automatic Generation of Polyphonic Piano FingeringsPOS355-356
Details6212007Dressler, Karin ; Streich, SebastianTuning Frequency Estimation Using Circular StatisticsPOS357-360
Details6072007Law, Edith ; Ahn, Luis von ; Dannenberg, Roger B. ; Crawford, MikeTagATune: A Game for Music and Sound AnnotationPOS361-364
Details5132007Mandel, Michael I. ; Ellis, Daniel P. W.A Web-Based Game for Collecting Music MetadataPOS365-366
Details5262007Eck, Douglas ; Bertin-Mahieux, Thierry ; Lamere, PaulAutotagging Music Using Supervised Machine LearningPOS367-368
Details5252007Gruhne, Matthias ; Dittmar, Christian ; Schmidt, KonstantinPhoneme Recognition in Popular MusicPOS369-370
Details5122007Ohishi, Yasunori ; Goto, Masataka ; Itou, Katunobu ; Takeda, KazuyaA Stochastic Representation of the Dynamics of Sung MelodyPOS371-372
Details5302007Cao, Chuan ; Li, Ming ; Liu, Jian ; Yan, YonghongSinging Melody Extraction in Polyphonic Music by Harmonic TrackingPOS373-374
Details6032007Mesaros, Annamaria ; Virtanen, Tuomas ; Klapuri, AnssiSinger Identification in Polyphonic Music Using Vocal Separation and Pattern Recognition MethodsPOS375-378
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