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Details1422006Gerhard, DavidUser Interfaces in MIRTUT 
Details6582007Müller, Meinard ; Dannenberg, Roger B.Synchronization and Matching Techniques for Music DataTUT 
Details4502006Tzanetakis, George ; Martins, Luis GustavoMIR for Audio Signals using Marsyas 0.2TUT 
Details6222007Lartillot, OlivierIntroduction to the MIRtoolboxTUT142p.
Details6412006Gouyon, Fabien ; Dixon, SimonComputational Rhythm DescriptionTUT175p.
Details6452002Peeters, Geoffroy ; Assayag, GérardDigital Music RepresentationsTUT311-312
Details6462002Tzanetakis, GeorgeMusic Information Retrieval for Audio SignalsTUT313-314
Details6472002Dubnov, ShlomoModern Methods for Statistical Audio Signal Processing and CharacterizationTUT315-316
Details6482003Futrelle, Joe ; Downie, J. StephenMusic IR 101: A Survey TutorialTUT 
Details6492003Tzanetakis, GeorgeMusic Information Retrieval for Audio SignalsTUT 
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