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Details8052009Tsunoo, Emiru ; Ono, Nobutaka ; Sagayama, ShigekiMusical Bass-Line Pattern Clustering and Its Application to Audio Genre ClassificationPOS219-224
Details7612008Tsuchihashi, Yusuke ; Kitahara, Tetsuro ; Katayose, HaruhiroUsing Bass-Line Features for Content-Based MIRPAP620-625
Details4442005Tsai, Wei-Ho ; Yu, Hung-Ming ; Wang, Hsin-MinA Query-By-Example Technique for Retrieving Cover Versions of Popular Songs with Similar MelodiesPAP183-190
Details4432003Tsai, Wei-Ho ; Wang, Hsin-Min ; Rodgers, Dwight ; Cheng, Shi-Sian ; Yu, Hung-MingBlind clustering of popular music recordings based on singer voice characteristicsPAP 
Details4422004Tsai, Wei-Ho ; Wang, Hsin-MinTowards Automatic Identification Of Singing Language In Popular Music RecordingsPAP 
Details6812008Tsai, Wei-Ho ; Liao, Shih-Jie ; Lai, CatherineAutomatic Identification of Simultaneous Singers in Duet RecordingsPAP115-120
Details10962011Tryfou, Georgina ; Härmä, Aki ; Mouchtaris, AthanasiosTempo Estimation Based on Linear Prediction and Perceptual ModellingPAP197-202
Details7142008Trohidis, Konstantinos ; Tsoumakas, Grigorios ; Kalliris, George ; Vlahavas, IoannisMulti-Label Classification of Music Into EmotionsPAP325-330
Details7642008Trajano de Lima, Ernesto ; Ramalho, GeberOn Rhythmic Pattern Extraction in Bossa Nova MusicPAP641-646
Details4412004Toyoda, Ken'ichi ; Noike, Kenzi ; Katayose, HaruhiroUtility System For Constructing Database Of Performance DeviationsPAP 
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