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Details2662003Liu, Dan ; Lu, Lie ; Zhang, Hong-JiangAutomatic mood detection from acoustic music dataPAP81-87
Details2672003Livshin, Arie ; Rodet, XavierThe importance of cross database evaluation in musical instrument sound classification: A critical approachPOS 
Details2782003Maddage, Namunu Chinthaka ; Xu, Changsheng ; Wang, YeAn SVM-based classification approach to musical audioPOS 
Details2962003McKinney, Martin F. ; Breebaart, JeroenFeatures for audio and music classificationPAP 
Details3002003Meek, Colin ; Birmingham, William P.The dangers of parsimony in query-by-humming applicationsPAP51-56
Details932003De Mulder, Tom ; Martens, Jean-Pierre ; Lesaffre, Micheline ; Leman, Marc ; De Baets, Bernard ; De Meyer, HansAn auditory model based transcriber of vocal queriesPOS 
Details3272003Olson, Tod A. ; Downie, J. StephenChopin early editions: The construction and usage of a collection of digital scoresPOS15-15
Details3292003Orio, Nicola ; Sette, M. SistiAn HMM-based pitch tracker for audio queriesPOS 
Details3382003Pampalk, Elias ; Dixon, Simon ; Widmer, GerhardExploring music collections by browsing different viewsPAP 
Details3442003Mitchell Parry, Robert ; Essa, IrfanRhythmic similarity through elaborationPOS 
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