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Details12422012Boulanger-Lewandowski, Nicolas ; Bengio, Yoshua ; Vincent, PascalDiscriminative Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Multiple Pitch EstimationPAP205-210
Details12412012Koduri, Gopala K. ; Serrà Joan ; Serra, XavierCharacterization of Intonation in Carnatic Music by Parametrizing Pitch HistogramsPAP199-204
Details12402012Ross, Joe Cheri ; Vinutha, T. P. ; Rao, PreetiDetecting Melodic Motifs from Audio for Hindustani Classical MusicPAP193-198
Details12392012Salamon, Justin ; Peeters, Geoffroy ; Röbel, AxelStatistical Characterisation of Melodic Pitch Contours and its Application for Melody ExtractionPAP187-192
Details12382012Urbano, Julián ; Downie, J. Stephen ; McFee, Brian ; Schedl, MarkusHow Significant is Statistically Significant? The case of Audio Music Similarity and RetrievalPAP181-186
Details12372012Flexer, Arthur ; Schnitzer, Dominik ; Schlüter, JanA MIREX Meta-analysis of Hubness in Audio Music SimilarityPAP175-180
Details12362012Hockman, Jason A. ; Davies, Matthew ; Fujinaga, IchiroOne in the Jungle: Downbeat Detection in Hardcore, Jungle, and Drum and BassPAP169-174
Details12352012Mauch, Matthias ; Dixon, SimonA Corpus-based Study of Rhythm PatternsPAP163-168
Details12342012Zapata, Jose Ricardo ; Holzapfel, André ; Davies, Matthew ; Oliveira, João Lobato ; Gouyon, FabienAssigning a Confidence Threshold on Automatic Beat Annotation in Large DatasetsPAP157-162
Details12332012Jin, Rong ; Raphael, ChristopherInterpreting Rhythm in Optical Music RecognitionPAP151-156
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