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Details372002Blandford, Ann ; Stelmaszewska, HannaUsability of Musical Digital Libraries: a Multimodal AnalysisPAP231-237
Details402004Brossier, Paul M. ; Bello, Juan Pablo ; Plumbley, Mark D.Fast labelling of notes in music signalsPAP 
Details412006Bruderer, Michael J. ; McKinney, Martin F. ; Kohlrausch, ArminPerception of Structure in Popular MusicPAP 
Details432006Byrd, Donald ; Schindele, MeganProspects for Improving OMR with Multiple RecognizersPAP 
Details472005Cambouropoulos, Emilios ; Crochemore, Maxime ; Iliopoulos, Costas S. ; Mohamed, Manal ; Sagot, Marie-FranceA Pattern Extraction Algorithm for Abstract Melodic Representations that Allow Partial Overlapping of Intervallic CategoriesPAP167-174
Details532005Casagrande, Norman ; Eck, Douglas ; Kégl, BalázsFrame-Level Audio Feature Extraction Using AdaBoostPAP345-350
Details542006Casey, Michael ; Slaney, MalcolmSong Intersection by Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search PAP 
Details552004Casey, Michael ; Crawford, TimAutomatic Location And Measurement Of Score-based Gestures In Audio RecordingsPAP 
Details632001Hsu, Jia-Lien ; Chen, Arbee L. P.Building a Platform for Performance Study of Various Music Information Retrieval ApproachesPAP153-162
Details662005Chordia, ParagSegmentation and Recognition of Tabla StrokesPAP107-114
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