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Details4532002Tzanetakis, George ; Ermolinskiy, Andrey ; Cook, PerryPitch Histograms in Audio and Symbolic Music Information RetrievalPAP31-38
Details4572002Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L. ; van Schyndel, RonA Review of Factors Affecting Music Recommender SuccessPAP204-208
Details4682002Vinet, Hugues ; Herrera-Boyer, Perfecto ; Pachet, FrançoisThe CUIDADO ProjectPAP197-203
Details4722002Wang, Chaokun ; Li, Jianzhong ; Shi, ShengfeiA Kind of Content-Based Music Information Retrieval Method in Peer-to-Peer EnvironmentPAP178-186
Details4792002Whitman, Brian ; Smaragdis, ParisCombining Musical and Cultural Features for Intelligent Style DetectionPAP47-52
Details4802002Wiggins, Geraint A. ; Lemström, Kjell ; Meredith, DavidSIA(M)ESE: An Algorithm for Transposition Invariant, Polyphonic Content-Based Music RetrievalPOS283-284
Details4882002Yang, ChengMACSIS: A Scalable Acoustic Index for Content-Based Music RetrievalPAP53-62
Details6452002Peeters, Geoffroy ; Assayag, GérardDigital Music RepresentationsTUT311-312
Details6462002Tzanetakis, GeorgeMusic Information Retrieval for Audio SignalsTUT313-314
Details6472002Dubnov, ShlomoModern Methods for Statistical Audio Signal Processing and CharacterizationTUT315-316
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