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Details112006Arenas-Garcia, Jerónimo ; Larsen, Jan ; Hansen, Lars Kai ; Meng, AndersOptimal Filtering of Dynamics in short-time Features for Music Organization PAP 
Details102005Amatriain, Xavier ; Massaguer, Jordi ; García, David ; Mosquera, IsmaelThe CLAM Annotator: A Cross-Platform Audio Descriptors Editing ToolPOS 
Details92002Chaudhary, AmarAn Extensible Representation for PlaylistsPOS293-294
Details82004Alonso, Miguel ; Richard, Gaël ; David, BertrandTempo And Beat Estimation Of Musical SignalsPAP 
Details72001Allamanche, Eric ; Herre, Jürgen ; Hellmuth, Oliver ; Fröba, Bernhard ; Kastner, Thorsten ; Cremer, MarkusContent-based Identification of Audio Material Using MPEG-7 Low Level DescriptionPAP197-204
Details62003Allamanche, Eric ; Herre, Jürgen ; Hellmuth, Oliver ; Kastner, Thorsten ; Ertel, ChristianA multiple feature model for musical similarity retrievalPOS 
Details52004Aigrain, PhilippeWhose future is it?INV 
Details42004Adams, Norman H. ; Bartsch, Mark A. ; Shifrin, Jonah B. ; Wakefield, Gregory H.Time Series Alignment for Music Information RetrievalPAP 
Details32005Adams, Norman H. ; Marquez, Daniela ; Wakefield, Gregory H.Iterative Deepening for Melody Alignment and RetrievalPAP199-206
Details22004Abdallah, Samer A. ; Plumbley, Mark D.Polyphonic transcription by non-negative sparse coding of power spectraPAP 
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