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Details13192012Oramas, Sergio ; Cornelis, OlmoPast, Present and Future in Ethnomusicology: the computational challengeDEM 
Details13172012Fazekas, György ; Ewert, Sebastian ; Allik, Alo ; Dixon, Simon ; Sandler, MarkShared Open Vocabularies and Semantic MediaDEM 
Details13182012Gómez, EmiliaTeaching MIR: educational resourcs related to MIRDEM 
Details13162012MIReS consortiumMIReS Roadmap: Challenges for DiscussionDEM 
Details13152012Rocha, Bruno ; Smith, Jordan B. L. ; Peeters, Geoffroy ; Ross, Joe Cheri ; Nieto, Oriol ; Van Balen, JanLate-break session on Music Structure AnalysisDEM 
Details13092012Baumann, Stephan ; Schirru, RafaelUsing Linked Open Data for Novel Artist RecommendationsDEM 
Details13102012De Haas, W. Bas ; Magalhães, José Pedro ; ten Heggeler, Dion ; Bekenkamp, Gijs ; Ruizendaal, TijmenChordify: Chord transcription for the massesDEM 
Details13132012Weyde, Tillman ; Wolff, DanielInfrastructures and Interfaces for data collection in MIRDEM 
Details13142012Stober, Sebastian ; Thompson, JessicaMusic Imagery IR: Bringing the song on your mind back to your earsDEM 
Details13122012Peeters, Geoffroy ; Urbano, Julián ; Jones, GarethNotes from the ISMIR12 Late-Breaking session on evaluation in music information retrievalDEM 
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