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Details4402004Toussaint, GodfriedA Comparison of Rhythmic Similarity MeasuresPOS 
Details5982007Torres, David ; Turnbull, Douglas ; Barrington, Luke ; Lanckriet, GertIdentifying Words that are Musically MeaningfulPAP405-410
Details4392004Torrens, Marc ; Hertzog, Patrick ; Arcos, Josep LluisVisualizing and Exploring Personal Music LibrariesPOS 
Details11602011Topel, Spencer S. ; Casey, MichaelElementary Sources: Latent Component Analysis for Music CompositionPAP579-584
Details8362009Tomasik, Brian ; Kim, Joon Hee ; Ladlow, Margaret ; Augat, Malcolm ; Tingle, Derek ; Wicentowski, Richard ; Turnbull, DouglasUsing Regression to Combine Data Sources for Semantic Music DiscoveryPOS405-410
Details4382005Toiviainen, Petri ; Eerola, TuomasClassification of Musical Metre with Autocorrelation and Discriminant FunctionsPAP351-357
Details7442008Toh, Chee-Chuan ; Zhang, Bingjun ; Wang, YeMultiple-Feature Fusion Based Onset Detection for Solo Singing VoicePAP515-520
Details10032010Tjoa, Steven K. ; Liu, K. J. RayMusical Instrument Recognition using Biologically Inspired Filtering of Temporal Dictionary AtomsPAP435-440
Details11062011Tjoa, Steven K. ; Liu, K. J. RayFactorization of Overlapping Harmonic Sounds Using Approximate Matching PursuitPAP257-262
Details5012007Tindale, Adam R. ; Sprague, David ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeStrike-A-Tune: Fuzzy Music Navigation Using a Drum InterfacePOS171-172
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