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Details12322012Gu, Yupeng ; Raphael, ChristopherModeling Piano Interpretation Using Switching Kalman FilterPOS145-150
Details12312012Wülfing, Jan ; Riedmiller, MartinUnsupervised Learning of Local Features for Music ClassificationPOS139-144
Details12302012Meredith, DavidA Geometric Language for Representing Structure in Polyphonic MusicPOS133-138
Details12292012Papadopoulos, Hélène ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeModeling Chord and Key Structure with Markov LogicPOS127-132
Details12282012Burlet, Gregory ; Porter, Alastair ; Hankinson, Andrew ; Fujinaga, IchiroNeon.js: Neume Editor OnlinePOS121-126
Details12272012Lefèvre, Augustin ; Bach, Francis ; Févotte, CédricSemi-supervised NMF with Time-frequency Annotations for Single-channel Source SeparationPOS115-120
Details12262012Ni, Yizhao ; McVicar, Matt ; Santos-Rodriguez, Raul ; De Bie, TijlUsing Hyper-genre Training to Explore Genre Information for Automatic Chord EstimationPOS109-114
Details12252012Wolff, Daniel ; Stober, Sebastian ; Nürnberger, Andreas ; Weyde, TillmanA Systematic Comparison of Music Similarity Adaptation ApproachesPOS103-108
Details12242012Müller, Meinard ; Jiang, NanzhuA Scape Plot Representation for Visualizing Repetitive Structures of Music RecordingsPOS97-102
Details12232012Sakaue, Daichi ; Otsuka, Takuma ; Itoyama, Katsutoshi ; Okuno, Hiroshi G.Bayesian Nonnegative Harmonic-Temporal Factorization and Its Application to Multipitch AnalysisPOS91-96
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