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Details2672003Livshin, Arie ; Rodet, XavierThe importance of cross database evaluation in musical instrument sound classification: A critical approachPOS 
Details2712002Logan, BethContent-Based Playlist Generation: Exploratory ExperimentsPOS295-296
Details2722004Logan, BethMusic Recommendation from Song SetsPOS 
Details2742004Loureiro, Mauricio A. ; De Paula, Hugo B. ; Yehia, Hani C.Timbre Classification Of A Single Musical InstrumentPOS 
Details2752005L├╝bbers, DominikSoniXplorer: Combining Visualization and Auralization for Content-Based Exploration of Music CollectionsPOS 
Details2772000MacLellan, Donald ; Boehm, CarolaMuTaTeD'll: A System for Music Information Retrieval of Encoded MusicPOS2p.
Details2782003Maddage, Namunu Chinthaka ; Xu, Changsheng ; Wang, YeAn SVM-based classification approach to musical audioPOS 
Details2802005Mandel, Michael I. ; Ellis, Daniel P. W.Song-Level Features and Support Vector Machines for Music ClassificationPOS 
Details2812002Mandl, Thomas ; Womser-Hacker, ChristaLearning to Cope with Diversity in Music RetrievalPOS277-278
Details2842004Marolt, MatijaGaussian Mixture Models For Extraction Of Melodic Lines From Audio RecordingsPOS 
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