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Details62003Allamanche, Eric ; Herre, Jürgen ; Hellmuth, Oliver ; Kastner, Thorsten ; Ertel, ChristianA multiple feature model for musical similarity retrievalPOS 
Details122003Arifi, Vlora ; Clausen, Michael ; Kurth, Frank ; Müller, MeinardAutomatic synchronization of music data in score-, MIDI- and PCM-formatPOS 
Details172003Bainbridge, David ; Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Downie, J. StephenAnalysis of queries to a Wizard-of-Oz MIR system: Challenging assumptions about what people really wantPOS 
Details332003Berenzweig, Adam ; Logan, Beth ; Ellis, Daniel P. W. ; Whitman, BrianA large-scale evalutation of acoustic and subjective music similarity measuresPAP99-105
Details642003Chew, Elaine ; Chen, Yun-ChingDetermining context-defining windows: Pitch spelling using the spiral arrayPOS 
Details882003Dannenberg, Roger B. ; Birmingham, William P. ; Tzanetakis, George ; Meek, Colin ; Hu, Ning ; Pardo, BryanThe MUSART testbed for query-by-humming evaluationPAP41-47
Details922003Davison, StephenThe Sheet Music Consortium: A Specialized Open Archives Initiative harvester projectINV15-15
Details932003De Mulder, Tom ; Martens, Jean-Pierre ; Lesaffre, Micheline ; Leman, Marc ; De Baets, Bernard ; De Meyer, HansAn auditory model based transcriber of vocal queriesPOS 
Details972003Dixon, Simon ; Pampalk, Elias ; Widmer, GerhardClassification of dance music by periodicity patternsPAP 
Details1032003Doraisamy, Shyamala C. ; Rüger, Stefan M.Position Indexing of Adjacent and Concurrent N-Grams for Polyphonic Music RetrievalPOS 
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