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Details11692011Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Wild, Jonathan ; Fujinaga, IchiroAn Expert Ground-Truth Set for Audio Chord Recognition and Music AnalysisPAP633-638
Details11682011Montecchio, Nicola ; Cont, ArshiaAccelerating the Mixing Phase in Studio Recording Productions By Automatic Audio AlignmentPAP627-632
Details11672011Scott, Jeffrey ; Kim, Youngmoo E.Analysis of Acoustic Features for Automated Multi-Track MixingPAP621-626
Details11662011Müller, Meinard ; Grosche, Peter ; Jiang, NanzhuA Segment-based Fitness Measure for Capturing Repetitive Structures of Music RecordingsPAP615-620
Details11652011Urbano, JuliánInformation Retrieval Meta-Evaluation: Challenges and Opportunities in the Music DomainPAP609-614
Details11642011Orio, Nicola ; Rizo, David ; Miotto, Riccardo ; Montecchio, Nicola ; Schedl, Markus ; Lartillot, OlivierMusiCLEF: A Benchmark Activity in Multimodal Music Information RetrievalPAP603-608
Details11632011Urbano, Julián ; Martín, Diego ; Marrero, Mónica ; Morato, JorgeAudio Music Similarity and Retrieval: Evaluation Power and StabilityPAP597-602
Details11622011Bertin-Mahieux, Thierry ; Ellis, Daniel P. W. ; Whitman, Brian ; Lamere, PaulThe Million Song DatasetPAP591-596
Details11612011Mattek, Alison ; Casey, MichaelCross-Modal Aesthetics from a Feature Extraction Perspective: A Pilot StudyPAP585-590
Details11602011Topel, Spencer S. ; Casey, MichaelElementary Sources: Latent Component Analysis for Music CompositionPAP579-584
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