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Details862005Dannenberg, Roger B.Toward Automated Holistic Beat Tracking, Music Analysis and UnderstandingPAP366-373
Details872002Dannenberg, Roger B. ; Hu, NingPattern Discovery Techniques for Music AudioPAP63-70
Details882003Dannenberg, Roger B. ; Birmingham, William P. ; Tzanetakis, George ; Meek, Colin ; Hu, Ning ; Pardo, BryanThe MUSART testbed for query-by-humming evaluationPAP41-47
Details912004Davies, Matthew ; Plumbley, Mark D.Causal Tempo Tracking of AudioPAP 
Details972003Dixon, Simon ; Pampalk, Elias ; Widmer, GerhardClassification of dance music by periodicity patternsPAP 
Details982004Dixon, Simon ; Gouyon, Fabien ; Widmer, GerhardTowards Characterisation of Music via Rhythmic PatternsPAP 
Details1002005Dixon, Simon ; Widmer, GerhardMATCH: A Music Alignment Tool ChestPAP492-497
Details1042001Doraisamy, Shyamala C. ; Rüger, Stefan M.An Approach Towards A Polyphonic Music Retrieval SystemPAP187-193
Details1052002Doraisamy, Shyamala C. ; Rüger, Stefan M.A Comparative and Fault-tolerance Study of the Use of N-grams with Polyphonic MusicPAP101-106
Details1062004Doraisamy, Shyamala C. ; Rüger, Stefan M.A Polyphonic Music Retrieval System Using N-GramsPAP 
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