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Details11592011Knight, Trevor ; Upham, Finn ; Fujinaga, IchiroThe Potential for Automatic Assessment of Trumpet Tone QualityPAP573-578
Details11582011Ness, Steven ; Trail, Shawn ; Driessen, Peter ; Schloss, Andrew ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeMusic Information Robotics: Coping Strategies for Musically Challenged RobotsPAP567-572
Details11572011Ehmann, Andreas F. ; Bay, Mert ; Downie, J. Stephen ; Fujinaga, Ichiro ; De Roure, DavidMusic Structure Segmentation Algorithm Evaluation: Expanding on MIREX 2010 Analyses and DatasetsPAP561-566
Details11562011Smith, Jordan B. L. ; Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Fujinaga, Ichiro ; De Roure, David ; Downie, J. StephenDesign and Creation of a Large-Scale Database of Structural AnnotationsPAP555-560
Details11552011Speck, Jacquelin A. ; Schmidt, Erik M. ; Morton, Brandon G. ; Kim, Youngmoo E.A Comparative Study of Collaborative vs. Traditional Musical Mood AnnotationPAP549-554
Details11542011Niedermayer, Bernhard ; Böck, Sebastian ; Widmer, GerhardOn the Importance of "Real" Audio Data for MIR Algorithm Evaluation at the Note-Level - A Comparative StudyPAP542-548
Details11532011McFee, Brian ; Lanckriet, GertThe Natural Language of PlaylistsPAP537-541
Details11522011Okumura, Kenta ; Sako, Shinji ; Kitamura, TadashiStochastic Modeling of a Musical Performance with Expressive Representations from the Musical ScorePAP531-536
Details11512011Otsuka, Takuma ; Nakadai, Kazuhiro ; Ogata, Tetsuya ; Okuno, Hiroshi G.Incremental Bayesian Audio-to-Score Alignment with Flexible Harmonic Structure ModelsPAP525-530
Details11502011Liem, Cynthia C. S. ; Hanjalic, AlanExpressive Timing from Cross-Performance and Audio-based Alignment Patterns: An Extended Case StudyPAP519-524
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