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Details6542004Chew, ElaineMusical Knowledge, Computational Models and RetrievalTUT20p.
Details162004Aucouturier, Jean-Julien ; Pachet, François ; Hanappe, PeterFrom Sound Sampling To Song SamplingPAP 
Details4252004Downie, J. Stephen ; Futrelle, Joe ; Tcheng, DavidThe International Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation Laboratory: Governance, Access and SecurityPAP 
Details1842004Holmes, Robyn ; Ayres, Marie-LouiseMusicAustralia: towards a national music information infrastructurePAP 
Details1172004Eerola, Tuomas ; Toiviainen, PetriMIR In Matlab: The MIDI ToolboxPAP 
Details3812004Reiss, Joshua D. ; Sandler, MarkAudio Issues In MIR EvaluationPAP 
Details2322004Kurth, Frank ; Müller, Meinard ; Ribbrock, Andreas ; Röder, Tido ; Damm, David ; Fremerey, ChristianA Prototypical Service for Real-Time Access to Local Context-Based Music InformationPOS 
Details2132004Kilian, Jürgen ; Hoos, Holger H.MusicBLAST --Gapped Sequence Alignment for MIRPOS 
Details212004Bainbridge, David ; Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Downie, J. StephenGREENSTONE as a Music Digital Library ToolkitPOS 
Details4832004Wood, Gavin ; O'Keefe, SimonA Case Study of Distributed Music Audio Analysis Using the Geddei Processing FrameworkPOS 
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