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Details12122012Peeters, Geoffroy ; Fort, KarenTowards a (Better) Definition of the Description of Annotated MIR CorporaPOS25-30
Details12112012Yang, Yi-Hsuan ; Hu, XiaoCross-cultural Music Mood Classification: A Comparison on English and Chinese SongsPAP19-24
Details12102012Özaslan, Tan Hakan ; Serra, Xavier ; Arcos, Josep LluisCharacterization of Embellishments in Ney Performances of Makam Music in TurkeyPAP13-18
Details12092012Neubarth, Kerstin ; Goienetxea, Izaro ; Johnson, Colin ; Conklin, DarrellAssociation Mining of Folk Music Genres and ToponymsPAP7-12
Details12082012Collins, NickInfluence in Early Electronic Dance Music: An Audio Content Analysis InvestigationPAP1-6
Details11812011Coviello, Emanuele ; Miotto, Riccardo ; Lanckriet, GertCombining Content-Based Auto-Taggers with Decision-FusionPAP705-710
Details11802011Marques, Caio ; Guilherme, Ivan R. ; Nakamura, R. Y. M. ; Papa, Joao P.New Trends in Musical Genre Classification Using Optimum-Path ForestPAP699-704
Details11792011Anan, Yoko ; Hatano, Kohei ; Bannai, Hideo ; Takeda, MasayukiMusic Genre Classification Using Similarity FunctionsPAP693-698
Details11782011Papadopoulos, Hélène ; Kowalski, MatthieuSparse Signal Decomposition on Hybrid Dictionaries Using Musical PriorsPAP687-692
Details11772011Henaff, Mikael ; Jarrett, Kevin ; Kavukcuoglu, Koray ; LeCun, YannUnsupervised Learning of Sparse Features for Scalable Audio ClassificationPAP681-686
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