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Details4862004Wust, Otto ; Celma, ÒscarAn MPEG-7 Database System and Application for Content-Based Management and Retrieval of MusicPOS 
Details4892004Yang, Dan ; Lee, WonSookDisambiguating Music Emotion Using Software AgentsPAP 
Details2332004Kuuskankare, Mika ; Laurson, MikaelExpressive Notation Package - an OverviewPAP 
Details2522004Lesaffre, Micheline ; Leman, Marc ; De Baets, Bernard ; Martens, Jean-PierreMethodological Considerations Concerning Manual Annotation Of Musical Audio In Function Of Algorithm DevelopmentPAP 
Details902004Daudet, Laurent ; Richard, Gaël ; Leveau, PierreMethodology and Tools for the evaluation of automatic onset detection algorithms in musicPOS 
Details1792004Hirst, DavidAn Analytical Methodology for Acousmatic MusicPOS 
Details2842004Marolt, MatijaGaussian Mixture Models For Extraction Of Melodic Lines From Audio RecordingsPOS 
Details1192004Eggink, Jana ; Brown, Guy J.Extracting Melody Lines From Complex AudioPAP 
Details1482004Gómez, Emilia ; Herrera-Boyer, PerfectoEstimating The Tonality Of Polyphonic Audio Files: Cognitive Versus Machine Learning Modelling StrategiesPOS 
Details3492004Pauws, SteffenMusical key extraction from audioPOS 
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