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Details3362004Pampalk, EliasA Matlab Toolbox to Compute Music Similarity from AudioPOS 
Details3372005Pampalk, Elias ; Flexer, Arthur ; Widmer, GerhardImprovements of Audio-Based Music Similarity and Genre ClassificatonPOS 
Details3392005Pampalk, Elias ; Pohle, Tim ; Widmer, GerhardDynamic Playlist Generation Based on Skipping BehaviorPOS 
Details3412004Pardo, BryanTempo Tracking with a Single OscillatorPOS 
Details3422002Pardo, Bryan ; Birmingham, William P.Encoding Timing Information for Musical Query MatchingPOS267-268
Details3442003Mitchell Parry, Robert ; Essa, IrfanRhythmic similarity through elaborationPOS 
Details3492004Pauws, SteffenMusical key extraction from audioPOS 
Details3512005Pauws, Steffen ; van der Wijdeven, SanderUser Evaluation of a New Interactive Playlist Generation ConceptPOS 
Details3532004Pedro, Jose ; Tarasov, Vadim ; Batlle, Eloi ; Guaus, Enric ; Masip, JaumeIndustrial audio fingerprinting distributed system with CORBA and Web ServicesPOS 
Details3552005Peeters, GeoffroyRhythm Classification Using Spectral Rhythm PatternsPOS 
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