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Details9122009Stewart, Rebecca ; Lloyd, Steve ; Sandler, Mark ; Magas, MichelaScalable Spatial Audio BrowserDEM 
Details4242005Stenzel, Richard ; Kamps, ThomasImproving Content-Based Similarity Measures by Training a Collaborative ModelPAP264-271
Details12192012Sprechmann, Pablo ; Bronstein, Alex ; Sapiro, GuillermoReal-time Online Singing Voice Separation from Monaural Recordings Using Robust Low-rank ModelingPOS67-72
Details6392001Spevak, Christian ; Polfreman, RichardSound Spotting - a Frame-Based ApproachPOS35-36
Details11552011Speck, Jacquelin A. ; Schmidt, Erik M. ; Morton, Brandon G. ; Kim, Youngmoo E.A Comparative Study of Collaborative vs. Traditional Musical Mood AnnotationPAP549-554
Details4232003Soulez, Ferréol ; Rodet, Xavier ; Schwarz, DiemoImproving polyphonic and poly-instrumental music to score alignmentPAP 
Details6382001Sorsa, Timo ; Huopaniemi, JyriMelodic Resolution in Music RetrievalPOS33-34
Details4222002Sorsa, Timo ; Halonen, KatriinaMobile Melody Recognition System with Voice-Only User InterfacePOS279-280
Details12672012Sordo, Mohamed ; Serrà, Joan ; Koduri, Gopala K. ; Serra, XavierExtracting Semantic Information from an Online Carnatic Music ForumPAP355-360
Details5572007Sordo, Mohamed ; Laurier, Cyril ; Celma, ÒscarAnnotating Music Collections: How Content-Based Similarity Helps to Propagate LabelsPAP531-534
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