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Details4922004Yoshioka, Takuya ; Kitahara, Tetsuro ; Komatani, Kazunori ; Ogata, Tetsuya ; Okuno, Hiroshi G.Automatic Chord Transcription with Concurrent Recognition of Chord Symbols and BoundariesPAP 
Details4262004Stoddard, Josh ; Raphael, Christopher ; Utgoff, Paul E.Well-Tempered Spelling: A Key Invariant Pitch Spelling AlgorithmPAP 
Details4172004Singer, JaneCreating a nested melodic representation: competition and cooperation among bottom-up and top-down Gestalt principlesPOS 
Details3052004Mitchell Parry, Robert ; Essa, IrfanFeature Weighting for SegmentationPOS 
Details1682004Hanna, Pierre ; Louis, Nicolas ; Desainte-Catherine, Myriam ; Benois-Pineau, JennyAudio Features for Noisy Sound SegmentationPOS 
Details2032004Jehan, TristanPerceptual Segment Clustering For Music Description And Time-axis Redundancy CancellationPOS 
Details4752004Weyde, TillmanThe Influence of Pitch on Melodic SegmentationPOS 
Details2412004Lartillot, OlivierA multi-parametric and redundancy-filtering approach to pattern identificationPAP 
Details2432004Lay, Tin ; Wang, YeAutomatic Detection Of Vocal Segments In Popular SongsPAP 
Details2952004McKinney, Martin F. ; Moelants, DirkExtracting the perceptual tempo from musicPOS 
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