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Details9172009Sordo, Mohamed ; Celma, √íscar ; Laurier, CyrilQueryBag: Using Different Sources For Querying Large Music CollectionsDEM 
Details7032008Sordo, Mohamed ; Celma, Òscar ; Blech, Martin ; Guaus, EnricThe Quest for Musical Genres: Do the Experts and the Wisdom of Crowds Agree?PAP255-260
Details12952012Song, Yading ; Dixon, Simon ; Pearce, MarcusEvaluation of Musical Features for Emotion ClassificationPOS523-528
Details4212002Song, Jungmin ; Bae, So Young ; Yoon, KyoungroMid-Level Music Melody Representation of Polyphonic Audio for Query-by-Humming SystemPAP133-139
Details6372001Smith, Lloyd ; Medina, RichardDiscovering Themes by Exact Pattern MatchingPOS31-32
Details9432010Smith, Leigh M.Beat Critic: Beat Tracking Octave Error Identification By Metrical Profile AnalysisPAP99-104
Details11562011Smith, Jordan B. L. ; Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Fujinaga, Ichiro ; De Roure, David ; Downie, J. StephenDesign and Creation of a Large-Scale Database of Structural AnnotationsPAP555-560
Details4202001Smiraglia, Richard P.Musical Works as Information Retrieval Entities: Epistemological PerspectivesPAP85-91
Details5912007Slaney, Malcolm ; White, WilliamSimilarity Based on Rating DataPAP479-484
Details7122008Slaney, Malcolm ; Weinberger, Kilian ; White, WilliamLearning a Metric for Music SimilarityPAP313-318
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