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Details3182004Neve, Giovanna ; Orio, NicolaIndexing and Retrieval of Music Documents through Pattern Analysis and Data Fusion TechniquesPAP 
Details3192005Neve, Giovanna ; Orio, NicolaExperiments on Segmentation Techniques for Music Documents IndexingPOS 
Details3202006Nichols, Eric ; Raphael, ChristopherGlobally Optimal Audio PartitioningPAP 
Details3222006Noland, Katy ; Sandler, MarkKey Estimation Using a Hidden Markov ModelPAP 
Details3242006Novello, Alberto ; McKinney, Martin F. ; Kohlrausch, ArminPerceptual Evaluation of Music SimilarityPAP 
Details3262006Oliver, Nuria ; Kreger-Stickles, LucasPAPA: Physiology and Purpose-Aware Automatic Playlist GenerationPAP 
Details3282003Olson, Tod A.Building Chopin Early Editions [PresentationINV 
Details3292003Orio, Nicola ; Sette, M. SistiAn HMM-based pitch tracker for audio queriesPOS 
Details3312004Pachet, Fran├žois ; Zils, AymericAutomatic extraction of music descriptors from acoustic signalsPOS 
Details3342006Pampalk, Elias ; Gasser, MartinAn Implementation of a Simple Playlist Generator Based on Audio Similarity Measures and User FeedbackDEM 
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