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Details6652008Lamere, Paul ; Pampalk, EliasSocial Tags and Music Information RetrievalTUT24
Details6662008Selfridge-Field, Eleanor ; Sapp, Craig StuartSurvey of Symbolic Data for Music ApplicationsTUT24
Details6642008Dubnov, ShlomoComputational Temporal Aesthetics; Relation Between Surprise, Salience and Aesthetics in Music and Audio SignalsTUT23
Details6632008Wang, Ge ; Fiebrink, Rebecca ; Cook, PerryMusic Information Retrieval in ChucK; Real-Time Prototyping for MIR Systems & PerformanceTUT23
Details10622010Vincent, Emmanuel ; Ono, NobutakaMusic Source Separation and its Applications to MIRTUT 
Details10632010Knopke, Ian ; Nichols, EricA Tutorial on Pattern Discovery and Search Methods in Symbolic Music Information RetrievalTUT 
Details10642010Müller, Meinard ; Klapuri, AnssiA Music-oriented Approach To Music Signal ProcessingTUT 
Details10652010Fields, Benjamin ; Lamere, PaulFinding A Path Through The Jukebox – The Playlist TutorialTUT 
Details12032012Pachet, FrançoisWhy Jazz is Interesting?TUT 
Details12022012Plumbley, Mark D. ; Dixon, Simon ; Cannam, ChrisReusable software and reproducibility in music informatics researchTUT 
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