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Details4192006Skowronek, Janto ; McKinney, Martin F. ; van de Par, StevenGround Truth for Automatic Music Mood ClassificationPOS 
Details5032007Skowronek, Janto ; McKinney, Martin F. ; van de Par, StevenA Demonstrator for Automatic Music Mood EstimationPOS345-346
Details6782008Skalak, Michael ; Han, Jinyu ; Pardo, BryanSpeeding Melody Search With Vantage Point TreesPAP95-100
Details10912011Six, Joren ; Cornelis, OlmoTarsos - a Platform to Explore Pitch Scales in Non-Western and Western MusicPAP169-174
Details12552012Sioros, George ; Holzapfel, André ; Guedes, CarlosOn Measuring Syncopation to Drive an Interactive Music SystemPOS283-288
Details11272011Sioros, George ; Guedes, CarlosComplexity Driven Recombination of MIDI LoopsPAP381-386
Details4182005Sinyor, Elliot ; McKay, Cory ; Fiebrink, Rebecca ; McEnnis, Daniel ; Fujinaga, IchiroBeatbox Classification Using ACEPOS 
Details4172004Singer, JaneCreating a nested melodic representation: competition and cooperation among bottom-up and top-down Gestalt principlesPOS 
Details4162006Sinclair, Stephen ; Droettboom, Michael ; Fujinaga, IchiroLilypond for pyScore: Approaching a universal translator for music notationPOS 
Details7342008Silla Jr., Carlos N. ; Koerich, Alessandro L. ; Kaestner, Celso A. A.The Latin Music DatabasePAP451-456
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