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Details2032004Jehan, TristanPerceptual Segment Clustering For Music Description And Time-axis Redundancy CancellationPOS 
Details2042005Jensen, Kristoffer ; Xu, Jieping ; Zachariasen, MartinRhythm-Based Segmentation of Popular Chinese MusicPAP374-380
Details2052002Jin, Hui ; Jagadish, H. V.Indexing Hidden Markov Models for Music RetrievalPAP20-24
Details2062004Jones, Steve ; Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Jones, MattOrganizing digital music for use: an examination of personal music collectionsPAP 
Details2072000Lemström, Kjell ; Perttu, SamiSEMEX - An efficient Music Retrieval PrototypePAP10p.
Details2082005Kameoka, Hirokazu ; Nishimoto, Takuya ; Sagayama, ShigekiHarmonic-Temporal Clustering via Deterministic Annealing EM Algorithm for Audio Feature ExtractionPAP115-122
Details2092006Kapur, Ajay ; Singer, EricA Retrieval Approach for Human/Robot Music PerformanceDEM 
Details2102005Kapur, Ajay ; McWalter, Richard I. ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeNew Music Interfaces for Rhythm-Based RetrievalPAP130-136
Details2112005Karydis, Ioannis ; Nanopoulos, Alexandros ; Papadopoulos, Apostolos N. ; Katsaros, Dimitrios ; Manolopoulos, YannisContent-Based Music Information Retrieval in Wireless Ad-Hoc NetworksPAP137-144
Details2122000Kiernan, Francis J.Score-based Style Recognition Using Artificial Neural NetworksPOS2p.
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