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Details1592004Grachten, Maarten ; Arcos, Josep Lluis ; Mántaras, Ramon López deMelodic Similarity: Looking for a Good Abstraction LevelPAP 
Details3182004Neve, Giovanna ; Orio, NicolaIndexing and Retrieval of Music Documents through Pattern Analysis and Data Fusion TechniquesPAP 
Details4292004Suyoto, Iman S. H. ; Uitdenbogerd, Alexandra L.Exploring Microtonal MatchingPAP 
Details852004Dannenberg, Roger B. ; Hu, NingUnderstanding Search Performance in Query-by-Humming SystemsPAP 
Details2562004Li, Ming ; Sleep, RonanImproving Melody Classification by Discriminant Feature Extraction and FusionPOS 
Details4402004Toussaint, GodfriedA Comparison of Rhythmic Similarity MeasuresPOS 
Details1882004Hsu, Jia-Lien ; Chen, Arbee L. P. ; Chen, Hung-ChenFinding Approximate Repeating Patterns from Sequence DataPOS 
Details4352004Terrat, RichardPregroup Grammars for ChordsPOS 
Details3362004Pampalk, EliasA Matlab Toolbox to Compute Music Similarity from AudioPOS 
Details1632004Guo, AnYuan ; Siegelmann, HavaTime-Warped Longest Common Subsequence Algorithm for Music RetrievalPOS 
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