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Details11542011Niedermayer, Bernhard ; Böck, Sebastian ; Widmer, GerhardOn the Importance of "Real" Audio Data for MIR Algorithm Evaluation at the Note-Level - A Comparative StudyPAP542-548
Details11532011McFee, Brian ; Lanckriet, GertThe Natural Language of PlaylistsPAP537-541
Details11522011Okumura, Kenta ; Sako, Shinji ; Kitamura, TadashiStochastic Modeling of a Musical Performance with Expressive Representations from the Musical ScorePAP531-536
Details11432011Chen, Ruofeng ; Li, MingMusic Structural Segmentation by Combining Harmonic and Timbral InformationPAP477-482
Details11312011Bugge, Esben Paul ; Juncher, Kim Lundsteen ; Mathiasen, Brian Soeborg ; Simonsen, Jakob GrueUsing Sequence Alignment and Voting to Improve Optical Music Recognition from Multiple RecognizersPAP405-410
Details11302011Bragg, Jonathan ; Chew, Elaine ; Shieber, StuartNeo-Riemannian Cycle Detection with Weighted Finite-State TransducersPAP399-404
Details11292011Kirlin, Phillip B. ; Jensen, David D.Probabilistic Modeling of Hierarchical Music AnalysisPAP393-398
Details11282011Cuthbert, Michael Scott ; Ariza, Christopher ; Friedland, LisaFeature Extraction and Machine Learning on Symbolic Music Using the music21 ToolkitPAP387-392
Details11272011Sioros, George ; Guedes, CarlosComplexity Driven Recombination of MIDI LoopsPAP381-386
Details11262011Levé, Florence ; Groult, Richard ; Arnaud, Guillaume ; Séguin, Cyril ; Gaymay, Rémi ; Giraud, MathieuRhythm Extraction from Polyphonic Symbolic MusicPAP375-380
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