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Details1862006Hosoya, Motoyuki ; Hosoya, Toru ; Ito, Akinori ; Makino, ShozoMusic Information Retrieval from a Singing Voice Based on Verification ofPAP 
Details1892005Hu, Ning ; Dannenberg, Roger B.A Bootstrap Method for Training an Accurate Audio SegmenterPAP223-229
Details1902006Hu, Xiao ; Downie, J. Stephen ; Ehmann, Andreas F.Exploiting Recommended Usage Metadata: Exploratory AnalysesPAP 
Details1932005Isaacson, Eric J.What You See Is What You Get: on Visualizing MusicPAP389-395
Details1942004Ito, Akinori ; Heo, Sung-Phil ; Suzuki, Motoyuki ; Makino, ShozoComparison Of Features For DP-Matching Based Query-by-Humming SystemPAP 
Details1962006Itoyama, Katsutoshi ; Kitahara, Tetsuro ; Komatani, Kazunori ; Ogata, Tetsuya ; Okuno, Hiroshi G.Automatic Feature Weighting in Automatic Transcription of Specified Part in PAP 
Details1972006İzmirli, ÖzgürAudio Key Finding using Low-Dimensional SpacesPAP 
Details2042005Jensen, Kristoffer ; Xu, Jieping ; Zachariasen, MartinRhythm-Based Segmentation of Popular Chinese MusicPAP374-380
Details2052002Jin, Hui ; Jagadish, H. V.Indexing Hidden Markov Models for Music RetrievalPAP20-24
Details2062004Jones, Steve ; Cunningham, Sally Jo ; Jones, MattOrganizing digital music for use: an examination of personal music collectionsPAP 
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