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Details10992011Müller, Meinard ; Ewert, SebastianChroma Toolbox: Matlab Implementations for Extracting Variants of Chroma-based Audio FeaturesPAP215-220
Details10982011Abeßer, Jakob ; Lartillot, OlivierModelling Musical Attributes to Characterize Two-Track Recordings with Bass and DrumsPAP209-214
Details10972011Thoshkahna, Balaji ; Nsabimana, Francois X. ; Ramakrishnan, Kalpathi R.A Transient Detection Algorithm for Audio Using Iterative Analysis of STFTPAP203-209
Details10962011Tryfou, Georgina ; Härmä, Aki ; Mouchtaris, AthanasiosTempo Estimation Based on Linear Prediction and Perceptual ModellingPAP197-202
Details10952011Wu, Fu-Hai Frank ; Lee, Tsung-Chi ; Jang, Jyh-Shing Roger ; Chang, Kaichun K. ; Lu, Chun Hung ; Wang, Wen NanA Two-Fold Dynamic Programming Approach to Beat Tracking for Audio Music with Time-Varying TempoPAP191-196
Details10942011Velasco, Marc J. ; Large, Edward W.Pulse Detection in Syncopated Rhythms Using Neural OscillatorsPAP185-190
Details10932011Nakashika, Toru ; Takiguchi, Tetsuya ; Ariki, YasuoConstrained Spectrum Generation Using a Probabilistic Spectrum Envelope for Mixed Music AnalysisPAP181-184
Details10922011Nam, Juhan ; Ngiam, Jiquan ; Lee, Honglak ; Slaney, MalcolmA Classification-based Polyphonic Piano Transcription Approach Using Learned Feature RepresentationsPAP175-180
Details10912011Six, Joren ; Cornelis, OlmoTarsos - a Platform to Explore Pitch Scales in Non-Western and Western MusicPAP169-174
Details10902011van Kranenburg, Peter ; Biró, Dániel Péter ; Ness, Steven ; Tzanetakis, GeorgeA Computational Investigation of Melodic Contour Stability in Jewish Torah Trope Performance TraditionsPAP163-168
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