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Details12052012de Rijke, MaartenMining LivesINV 
Details5402007DeCoro, Christopher ; Barutcuoglu, Zafer ; Fiebrink, RebeccaBayesian Aggregation for Hierarchical Genre ClassificationPAP77-80
Details7882009Degara-Quintela, Norberto ; Pena, Antonio ; Torres-Guijarro, SoledadA Comparison of Score-Level Fusion Rules for Onset Detection in Music SignalsPOS117-121
Details942005Degroeve, Sven ; Tanghe, Koen ; De Baets, Bernard ; Leman, Marc ; Martens, Jean-PierreA Simulated Annealing Optimization of Audio Features for Drum ClassificationPOS 
Details952006Dehghani, Morteza ; Lovett, Andrew M.Efficient Genre Classification using Qualitative RepresentationsPOS 
Details7522008Deliège, François ; Chua, Bee Yong ; Pedersen, Torben BachHigh-Level Audio Features: Distributed Extraction and Similarity SearchPAP565-570
Details5692007Deliège, François ; Pedersen, Torben BachFuzzy Song Sets for Music WarehousesPAP21-26
Details10132010Dessein, Arnaud ; Cont, Arshia ; Lemaitre, GuillaumeReal-time Polyphonic Music Transcription with Non-negative Matrix Factorization and Beta-divergencePAP489-494
Details12932012Devaney, Johanna ; Mandel, Michael I. ; Fujinaga, IchiroA Study of Intonation in Three-Part Singing using the Automatic Music Performance Analysis and Comparison Toolkit (AMPACT)POS511-516
Details962005Dhanaraj, Ruth ; Logan, BethAutomatic Prediction of Hit SongsPOS 
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