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Details4002004Scherle, Ryan ; Byrd, DonaldThe Anatomy of a Bibliographic Search System for MusicPAP 
Details4032003Schwartz, BaronMusic Notation as a MEI Feasability TestPOS 
Details4042006Schwenninger, Jochen ; Brueckner, Raymond ; Willett, Daniel ; Hennecke, MarcusLanguage Identification in Vocal MusicPOS 
Details4062006Seifert, Frank ; Rasch, Katharina ; Rentzsch, MichaelTempo Induction by Stream-Based Evaluation of Musical EventsPOS 
Details4072003Seifert, Frank ; Benn, WolfgangMusic identification by leadsheets: Converging perceptive and productive musical principles for estimation of semantic similarity of musical documentsPOS 
Details4082006Selfridge-Field, EleanorSocial Cognition and Melodic Persistence: Where Metadata and Content DivergePAP 
Details4102006Seppänen, Jarno ; Eronen, Antti ; Hiipakka, JarmoJoint Beat & Tatum Tracking from Music SignalsPAP 
Details4112004Shalev-Shwartz, Shai ; Keshet, Joseph ; Singer, YoramLearning to Align Polyphonic MusicPAP 
Details4122003Sheh, Alexander ; Ellis, Daniel P. W.Chord segmentation and recognition using EM-trained hidden markov modelsPAP 
Details4142004Shrestha, Prarthana ; Kalker, TonAudio Fingerprinting In Peer-to-peer NetworksPOS 
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