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Details2532006Leue, Ian ; İzmirli, ÖzgürTempo Tracking with a Periodicty Comb Kernel – POS 
Details2542000Levering, MaryIntellectual Property Rights in Musical Works: Overview, Digital Library Issues and Related InitiativesINV3p.
Details2552006Li, Beinan ; Burgoyne, John Ashley ; Fujinaga, IchiroExtending Audacity as a Grouth-Truth Annotation Tool POS 
Details2562004Li, Ming ; Sleep, RonanImproving Melody Classification by Discriminant Feature Extraction and FusionPOS 
Details2572005Li, Ming ; Sleep, RonanGenre Classification via an LZ78-Based String KernelPAP252-259
Details2582003Li, Tao ; Ogihara, MitsunoriDetecting emotion in musicPOS 
Details2592006Li, Yipeng ; Wang, DeLiangSinging Voice Separation from Monaural RecordingsPAP 
Details2602005Liang, Wei ; Zhang, Shuwu ; Xu, BoA Hierarchical Approach for Audio Stream Segmentation and ClassificationPOS 
Details2612005Liang, Wei ; Zhang, Shuwu ; Xu, BoA Histogram Algorithm for Fast Audio RetrievalPOS 
Details2622006Lidy, Thomas ; Rauber, AndreasVisually Profiling Radio Stations PAP 
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