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Details1132004Droettboom, Michael ; Fujinaga, IchiroMicro-level groundtruthing environment for OMRPOS 
Details1572004Gouyon, Fabien ; Dixon, SimonDance music classification: A tempo-based approachPOS 
Details252004Basili, Roberto ; Serafini, Alfredo ; Stellato, ArmandoClassification of musical genre: a machine learning approachPOS 
Details982004Dixon, Simon ; Gouyon, Fabien ; Widmer, GerhardTowards Characterisation of Music via Rhythmic PatternsPAP 
Details2222004Knees, Peter ; Pampalk, Elias ; Widmer, GerhardArtist Classification with Web-Based DataPAP 
Details2922004McKay, Cory ; Fujinaga, IchiroAutomatic Genre Classification Using Large High-Level Musical Feature SetsPAP 
Details4742004West, Kris ; Cox, StephenFeatures and classifiers for the automatic classification of musical audio signalsPAP 
Details3952004Sandvold, Vegard ; Gouyon, Fabien ; Herrera-Boyer, PerfectoDrum sound classification in polyphonic audio recordings using localized sound modelsPOS 
Details4372004Tindale, Adam R. ; Kapur, Ajay ; Tzanetakis, George ; Fujinaga, IchiroRetrieval of percussion gestures using timbre classification techniquesPOS 
Details2742004Loureiro, Mauricio A. ; De Paula, Hugo B. ; Yehia, Hani C.Timbre Classification Of A Single Musical InstrumentPOS 
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